The Poor College Student Grocery List

As a college student, I was always looking to lower my expenses. I started by finding a cheap off-campus apartment that I shared with two roommates. The apartment was close enough to campus that I […]

Ultimate Healthy College Grocery List

A dorm-friendly healthy college grocery list… There are many reasons why you should consider buying your groceries during college. First, to save money. Expenses during college are very high. Therefore, it makes sense to try […]

Easiest Way to Pursue a Fully Funded PhD

When I started researching Ph.D. programs, I did not know much about the admission process or funding. I asked a few professors for their advice. The most useful piece of advice I received was: “Only […]

GRE or GMAT for Engineers: Which one to take?

Which one is better? GRE or GMAT for engineers? The majority of graduate schools in the United States require applicants to take at least one standardized test. GMAT and GRE are the most common graduate-level […]

Dorm Room Essentials on a Budget

As a recent college grad, I thought it would be useful to share a Dorm Room Essentials list. There are a few articles online about this topic, but none of them takes the budget aspect […]

Dorm Furniture Ideas – Storage and Decor

When I moved into the college dorms, I realized the footprint was smaller than I expected. It was so convenient to live on campus, but organizing your belonging in such a small space was going […]

How I got tested for COVID-19 in Arizona – COVID-19 Test

In the third week of March, I received my results from a COVID-19 test. It was positive. I wanted to write about my story with coronavirus from the very beginning, including initial symptoms and testing. […]