F1 Student Visa Work Guide: On and Off Campus Options

Thousands of students from all over the world join US Universities every year. Some international students pursue short term exchange programs, and others their complete degree program. International students seeking a whole degree in the […]

Can I get an F1 visa for an online degree?

Commo question: Can I get an F1 visa for an online degree? Short answer: No Most universities in the United States offer online degrees. However, online programs do not meet the minimum requirements for F1 […]

When to add MBA after your name – Best Practices

Earning an MBA is a milestone in your professional career. An MBA opens a world of possibilities in regards to job opportunities and promotions. Since you have earned an MBA, you might want to add […]

PhD in Europe vs US – Key Differences

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Can you do a PhD after a Bachelor’s?-Best Strategies

Do you want to pursue a PhD after Bachelor’s? Yes, it is possible to pursue a PhD right after finishing a bachelor’s degree. Many countries might have different approaches to PhD and Master’s admissions. However, […]

HBCU vs PWI: An Insider View

HBCUs are Historically Black Colleges and Universities. PWIs are Predominantly White Institutions. Currently, there are 107 HBCUs in the US (full list). And there are thousands of PWIs. Many college seniors struggle to decide which […]