GE Expansion in the Middle East

In the early 2000s, GE started pushing towards reaching underserved markets in the industry. During this initiative, GE began to a strong push towards penetrating the MENAT region. Even though entering emerging markets can be […]

Jacob Bernoulli – Life, work and the Bernoulli equation

Bernoulli was born in Switzerland, in a town called Basel. He studied theology, mathematics, and astronomy. Because of his degree in theology, the Church offered him an appointment, but he turned it down. He traveled […]

Zillow Changes the Rules of Real Estate

Zillow has become a market leader in a brand new market: online real estate sales. Introduction Zillow is a real estate search engine. Two Microsoft employees founded the company in 2006. Zillow offers a variety […]

Video Game Industry: Raspberry PI as a New Player

The video game industry had a pop culture boom in recent years. Many different companies have taken advantage of this trend by creating several different gaming systems. The gaming consoles have evolved from large stationary […]

Kodak, a Case for Home Printers

This analysis explores several challenges that Kodak is facing as it enters a new market. Understanding the firm and challenges Kodak is an American company based in New York. It was founded in 1888, and […]

Amazon Case Study Analysis – B2B Business Plan

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Dell Case Study – Analysis – Internal Challenges

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