Dorm Furniture Ideas – Storage and Decor

When I moved into the college dorms, I realized the footprint was smaller than I expected. It was so convenient to live on campus, but organizing your belonging in such a small space was going to be a challenge. When I organized my room for the first time, I followed a minimalistic idea. I only bought what I needed. Everything had a purpose. That strategy worked for a while, but then I realized I needed some extra furniture for storage and organization (also maybe to add some personality to the room). Dorm furniture is nothing too special, just affordable, durable, and easy to move pieces that can simplify your life. Adding a few pieces to your dorm can also help you utilize the space more efficiently.

Check the list below for dorm furniture ideas:


Storage is a big problem in dorm rooms. I would suggest considering adding storage for books, clothing, and health products. Books are an important one. You will buy books through your program. If you do not have a bookshelf or even a small shelf you might end up stacking them in random places and limiting yourself.

Below are a few furniture pieces that can help you solve any storage challenges in your dorm room. The first ones are simply bookshelves. Then, there are a couple of clothing racks. You probably have a closet at the dorm, but it is probably very small. Consider getting a standing garment rack for stylish storage.

Extra Bed

Would you like to have an extra bed for friends or family that come to visit? Then, consider buying a chair that converts into a bed or a futon. Your guests won’t get the best sleep, but it will be much better than a sleeping bag (or paying for an expensive hotel). Also, you get to use the chair/futon the rest of the time.

dorm furniture: futon bed chair

Futon: Couch + Bed


Are you looking for a place to relax and read a book or watch your favorite show? Consider adding extra seating beyond your work chair. Avoid any heavy chairs and preferably pick foldable ones that can store in a corner. Below we have chosen a few inexpensive options.

Inflatable bean bag

Saucer chair

Urban style

Work/Play Chairs

Your body will thank you if you get an ergonomic chair. When you read or type for long periods of time, you cause a big strain in your back, neck, and shoulders. As a student, you might not notice you are hurting your body, but it can create posture and pain problems later on. When I was living in the dorms. The room came with a simple bed and a desk. The desk had a wooden chair with no adjustment options. Consider upgrading your work chair into an ergonomic one. You will be much more comfortable and you can use it for your hobbies too, like video games or video editing.

Bed Headboards

We have a whole article on dorm headboard suggestions and alternate ideas. Follow this link to read the article: Dorm Headboards

Enjoy your space

dorm room basic

You will be living in your dorm room for at least a few semesters. Take the time to customize it to fit your needs. If you build a comfortable space with enough storage it will be much easier to stay organized. Also, take the time to make the space comfortable. An ergo work chair helps relax your body and avoid unwanted stress. A reading nook creates the perfect place to continue a hobby or study.