Dorm Headboard Ideas and Alternate Options

Are you looking to customize your dorm room? Dorm rooms are usually very basic, with plain colors and only a bed and a desk. Adding a few pieces can make your dorm room look more inviting and match your personality. We have compiled a list of items you can use as a dorm headboard. Let’s start with the most obvious option: an actual headboard.

Dorm Headboard Ideas

Option1: A Twin Headboard

Almost all dorm rooms come with XL Twin beds. Those beds are exactly the same as a twin bed, but a little longer (to accommodate taller students). If you look for a traditional twin headboard, they will fit your bed. The only consideration would be the height of your bed. If your bed is elevated, it would be difficult to add a typical headboard.

We have compiled a list of some beautiful headboards we found online. All of them are under $100, and some of them are especially comfy or offer storage. options.

Option 2: Tapestry

There are hundreds of different tapestry designs. Tapestries are cheap, colorful, and easy to hang. Also, they can be a great option to replace a traditional headboard. If you want to avoid buying furniture, tapestries are an alternate solution. Browse around, and consider these options:

Option 3: Headboard Cushion

A thick cushion can be perfect for back support while watching TV or reading a book. You do not need a traditional headboard to add some style to your dorm room. Cushion headboards are fairly inexpensive and light. Also, the covers are removable for washing.

Option 4: Headboard Painting

Traditional headboards and cushion headboards add support and comfort to your room. If pillows are enough for you, then you can consider adding a piece of art to fill the space and act as a headboard. It is not a headboard per se, but it will add character.

Dorm Headboard Ideas

We hope you enjoyed this list of these dorm-friendly headboard ideas. Before you decide on one consider your budget, weight and dimensions (important for moving), and future use.

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