Dorm Chairs – Inexpensive and Comfy Options

As a college student, dorm rooms offer a great advantage: living on campus and belonging to the community. However, dorm rooms tend to be very small and plain. This post describes a few ideas for adding a key component to your space: dorm chairs. Maybe you need a chair to study, to play video games, to read or to watch TV…We will cover some options and give you some good ideas to arrange your space.

Dorm Chairs: Ideas and Options

The Fun/Relax Ones:

Are you looking to simply relax in a corner or sit to watch your favorite series? Or maybe you simply want a place to sit for your friends? Consider a traditional bean bag or an inflatable one. They are light, easy to move and relatively inexpensive. Also, if you choose the inflatable ones, then you can stow them when necessary.

The Productive One: Ergonomics

Spending long amounts of time sitting and typing in a desk causes a big strain in your back, neck, and shoulders. As a student, you might not be thinking about your long term health and wellness, but small changes can make a difference. I remember when I was living in the dorms. The room came with a bed and a desk. The desk had a small wooden chair with no adjustment options whatsoever. Consider upgrading your work chair into an ergonomic one. You will be much more comfortable.

The Perfect Reading Spot

Depending on your major you might end up reading constantly. Also, if redding is a hobby, there is no reason to stop during college. A small comfy chair in a corner can create the perfect reading nook. We found a few options online for reading dorm chairs, which are economical and do not take much space.

A foldable option

Memory foam

A foldable option

A Chair or an Extra Bed

During college, I went to an out of state university. Since I did not get to visit my family very often sometimes siblings or friends came to visit. If you have visitors you might want to consider buying a chair that converts into a bed. Your guests won’t get the best sleep in the world, but it will be much better than a sleeping bag. Also, you get to use the chair for the rest of the time.

Beyond Dorm Chairs

You will be spending at least a full year in that small dorm room. Try to make it your own and consider adding elements as investments. Make your life easier and more comfortable when possible. We have more dorm decoration posts. Feel free to browse around!

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