Dorm Room Wall Decor – Decoration Ideas

Are you moving into the college dorms? It is an exciting time and you should enjoy every moment. The first day you step into the dorms, it will be exciting, and probably exhausting, because you […]

Find the Right Ph.D. Program: Main Considerations (including funding)

Pursuing a Ph.D. is an academic, mental, and personal challenge. Finding the right Ph.D. program is a crucial first step. If you are researching different schools, remember to not set your heart into just one. […]

What are Ph.D. Qualifying Exams?

Ph.D. students must pass Ph.D. qualifying exams to prove knowledge in their field and readiness to conduct research. Once the student has passed the qualifying exams, then their primary and only focus can be research. […]

How to get into a Ph.D. program? 7 crucial steps to success

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Is getting a PhD free in the US?

Several graduate schools in the US offer free PhD programs, but we shouldn’t generalize just yet. Depending on your degree, your background, and which school you would like to attend, you might have better chances […]

History of Arcades – Are they going away?

Sega fabricated the first electromechanical games in 1966. They launched a submarine simulator after this first success; other games came out. Some of those games include sports, flying simulators, shooting, etc. A few years later, […]

Do A+ exist in College? 4.0 or 4.33…

Are A pluses just a Myth? Even though they are uncommon, A+ grades do exist at the university level. Each school has specific grading requirements and norms, but most US institutions base their grading on […]

Should I include my GPA in my resume?

You might want to include your GPA in your resume, but you do not have to. The sections below will help you decide your best option. Also, explore which GPA you should highlight (yes, you […]

What is a good GPA? What to aim for?

During college, each major or even institution will have an associated degree of difficulty. But GPAs are supposed to standardize your grades and give anyone a good idea of your academic performance. In general, a […]