Do A+ exist in College? 4.0 or 4.33…

Are A pluses just a Myth? Even though they are uncommon, A+ grades do exist at the university level. Each school has specific grading requirements and norms, but most US institutions base their grading on […]

Should I include my GPA in my resume?

You might want to include your GPA in your resume, but you do not have to. The sections below will help you decide your best option. Also, explore which GPA you should highlight (yes, you […]

What is a good GPA? What to aim for?

During college, each major or even institution will have an associated degree of difficulty. But GPAs are supposed to standardize your grades and give anyone a good idea of your academic performance. In general, a […]

Peru: Demographics

Peru is a multiethnic country, with people from different cultures and historical background. Peru’s population is over 31 million people, with an even separation between males and females. The largest metropolitan cities in Peru are […]

Doing Business in PERU – Analysis

Peru is a very diverse and multicultural country that offers many challenges to new business, but also many opportunities. Peru is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. To be successful in doing business […]

CoCo Bonds: Contingent Convertible Bonds

CoCo bonds are short for contingent convertible bonds. These bonds are instruments or hybrid securities that convert to equity under certain conditions. These conditions are measurements of financial distress. After the financial crisis in 2008, […]

E-publishing: From Print to Digital

Introduction Electronic publishing or e-publishing is becoming more prevalent thanks to the proliferation of e-readers and smartphones. E-publishing gives consumers significant advantages. Now, they can shop for books, newspapers, or any material from their homes […]

Employee Monitoring -Implications of Employee Tracking

Introduction It is a challenge to measure the employee’s performance, activities, and time usage. Employee monitoring is a method by which a company gathers information about the employee’s actions and locations. Technological advancement in tracking […]